Sunday 10 May 2020

Raise your Money energy: #Money Consciousness Home study course:(Manual plus meditation audio): #Moneymagnetcourse #Lawofattractionforwealth

What is your Money Blueprint?
How was it formed?

How can you Program it for Success and Financial Freedom?

This Course will cover Powerful Money exercises with Mind Power, Metaphysical and Law of Attraction Tools to Expand your Money and Wealth blueprint to Achieve Financial Success, Financial Security, Financial Abundance and Financial Freedom, opening doorways for luck and Opportunities

You will learn to -

- Discover the true nature of money and connect with it deeply
-Raise your Money consciousness using powerful Law of Attraction techniques.
-Discover the Secrets of truly Wealthy people
-Understand how the Subconscious mind works with respect to Money
-Remove your hidden mental blockages that are keeping you from attracting wealth and Prosperity
-Powerful experiential techniques that will rewire your subconscious on a cellular and permanent level—retraining your mind to respond supportively in terms of money and success.
-Set powerful and clear intentions for Attracting money
-Overcome Debt using the power of your mind
-Connect with Money consciousness with special Mirror exercise
- Become a powerful Conscious creator of Wealth and Affluence
-Learn Powerful Chants for Money and Opportunities
-Develop your Intuitions and start Visualizing for Abundance within few minutes each day

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