Saturday, 25 June 2016

#Parenting to Empower: #Meta Secrets to Conscious Parenting

'Every interaction with your child is a reflection of your interaction with your own SELF
Key Question to ponder about is are we parenting out of Fear and lack or are parenting to empower, to grow and add value to our children

This Workshop is for You if you are a parent to a child of any age, to be one soon, a Grandparent, teacher, educator, trainer or anyone who wishes to understand the art and science behind the Conscious way of dealing with and manging Kids

The Workshop will cover the following:-

A. What exactly do we mean by Conscious parenting?
B. Identifying Your State of mind and your child's conditioning...
C. What they hear when you are not talking
D. Key tasks as new parent
E. Handling Kids in a conscious way
F. Connecting with children like never before
G. Learning to deal with your stress
H. Strategies to set your precious ones on the right path
I. Simple yet effective tools to truly add value to your child's success and overall development

This workshop will help you to discover meta tools to transform yourself and empower your children by raising them with Consciousness thereby enabling them to Rise and Shine

Sat, 9th July, 10 am to 1 pm.  Fee: Rs. 1200
Registrations on 7718933244 / WhatsApp no: 9867313700
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Stay True - Stay Yourself: #Universal #laws

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The #Law of Attraction Workshop completely transformed me: #LOA #workshop

"The workshop on Law of Attraction by Karishma Ahuja completely transformed me into a positive changed person. Wishes came true and I was propelled into another orbit of improved professional as well as personal world. I recommend this workshop to take stock of our lives even if one is comfortable and satisfied with the present ecosystem, For those who are at some crossroads of life, this workshop is a necessity. The experience is to be lived to believe. Professionally and skillfully managed, the workshop was a scientific eyeopener too.Thanks Karishma.''

Malathy Venkatesan
Biotech Industry

What I Pay Attention to I Become: #LawofAttraction #seminar

Only #good happems to me: #LOA

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Science of #Deliberate Creation: Sat 25th June 2016 #mumbai #Workshop


What exactly is Law of Attraction?
The law of attraction is a Law of Universe just like the Law of Gravity and it is as powerful as any other universal law. In simple words, it means, whatever you "Think" & 'Feel' becomes a reality in your life. To relate that in our own lives, we attract experiences and consequences in our life related to the thoughts in our Mind & consequent vibration in our body Therefore, you can use this law to attract whatever you desire in your life.

Most of us unknowingly use Law Of Attraction to attract things that we do not want in our lives.

''This Workshop is a combination of scientific, metaphysical & spiritual elements to understand and apply this powerful law to every aspec...
t of ones life so that we connect with what we consciously want to create in our life.''

In this Workshop you will learn to:-

• Implement the law of Attraction and Vibration in your life
• Learn a '68 seconds' Technique - Unique concept to raise your Vibration & speed up your manifestations
• Deeper understanding of how our mind works & how we can control our thoughts and ease our physical stress and mental tension
• The Power of Intention & how to Activate it in your life
• Use your inner guidance to become Intuitive
◦How to recognize and eliminate the type of intentions that may be the reason why our goals haven't been met!
• Learn about emotions & exactly how they affect your attraction power.
• Money blueprint: Raise your wealth consciousness with Money tools to attract MONEY & prosperity.
• Easy & Effective techniques to Visualize
• Using Universal laws to master personal and professional relationships
• Special LOA Tool for Health (physical & emotional healing) and Relationships
• Quantum Physics: Scientific explanation of how the law of attraction works & how we can create our own experiences.

  To Register, Please Call us or leave us a message at +917718933244, WhatsApp number: 9867313700

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: #Hooponopono shows us the Way to #Zero

Mumbai Workshop

Monday, 13 June 2016

What are you #Thinking about? #quote

#Hooponopono #workshop: Clean Erase Erase

June 2016, Mumbai

Law of #Attraction made WOW: #LOA

LOA made WOW!!!!!
LOA has brought Wow Effects to my life and trust me friends just follow Karishmas instructions and change frequency of your thoughts, don't complain about your life . See positive side of your life . And one thing if I CAN then yes even You CAN
I am Grateful to have Karishma Ahuja as my mentor in my  life     
                                                          You have truly done magic with 
                                                          my life, thanks a lot for all the
                                                             Rohini Sawant

What is Holding us back: #Fear #imagination

A workshop on #Conscious #Parenting