Ho'oponopono Inner Child Therapist Certification (Now Online)

This module is for Trainers. Facilitators, Coaches and Teachers, or those aspiring to be one and for all those who wish to take their inner child cleaning practice deeper and are willing to take 100 % Responsibility for their life and experiences.

It is always possible to get what you want but getting what you want is a journey, and when you start helping others get what they want through your cleaning journey, it becomes an even more fulfilling and beautiful exdperience, filled with love success and pleasant suprises!

It is for this reason, we offer the Inner child Therapist module.

Objective: To help you as a Coach ,Guide and individual to chalk out a clear roadmap for yourself, others (your clients) to feel better, achieve results at home and career, to have good health and vitality, to stay motivated and to be able to live with oneself and others with ease and joy.

This Module on Ho'oponopono Inner Child therapy helps you to do all of the above by Constant Cleaning and Healing. It is about consistently Cleaning with most effective tools for problem solving to reach the most powerful State, ZERO and learning to Stay there by Letting Go and Letting God through deep inner child work. There is always a gift hidden for us in any kind of lack we may be currently experiencing. 
The Ho’oponopono Inner child Process and the tools covered will help us to uncover that hidden gift and transform and purify any pain we may have in our life.

The Training is designed so as to

1.Enable you to practice and take your cleaning deeper

2. Help you deal with real life situations in your life

3. Be able to introduce this subject to others as a coach

4. Help you to guide others with the easiest and most effective ways to Clean and Clear one’s Way to Peace and Success.

For, Inner Child Cleaning holds the key, “As you get better, so will everyone around you”

Structure of Training

Detailed Manual with daily exercises, rituals and cleaning tools and techniques for your practice for 30 days


2 one to one coaching sessions with Dr Karishma Ahuja (one before you start the manual and one session after you finish the 30 days manual practices.

Structure of The INNER CHILD THERAPY Module

Special Features/Benefits

- In depth knowledge of the Ho’oponopono Hawain Inner child Process along with metaphysical and spiritual divine aspects of viewing and solving a situation for yourself and others through inner child work.

Connecting with your Inner child deeply
Plant healing thoughts and ideas that support you in developing self-confidence, self esteem, SELF LOVE and create peace of mind and inner joy through new Powerful and healing ways to work with your Inner child
Identify your hidden mental blockages
Cleaning on specific repetitive Past patterns
Break deep resistances with the present and past
Work on overcoming Fear & insecurities
Experiencing Power of surrender and Letting go with your inner child
Cleaning in stressful situations
Create peace of mind within inspite of chaos on the outsideMake it a lifetime habit to work with your Inner Child
Getting Inspired with inner child work through the Mirror
Decision making with the Mirror
Be the Person/ Friend /Lover your soul has been longing you to be
Bring more positivity into your life and relationships
Developing new habits with your inner child
Inner child work for parents
Inner child work for children
Get Inspired with your inner child
Includes Inner child Chants

- Includes 7 Iner Child meditations

-  A detailed manual with detailed description of tools covered in this certification training will be included in manual for future reference.

For more details, Bookings and Registrations, Contact Dr Karishma Ahuja Institute on 7718933244

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