Sunday 3 October 2021

Attract Positivity In Your Life! – Dr. Karishma Ahuja

Every thought you think is accompanying a feeling. When you think deeply about this you will realize, we do everything with a feeling or what we call a “vibration”. This vibration is made up of either positive energy and positive expectation or negative energy and negative expectation.

Law Of Attraction Online Course
Law Of Attraction Online Course

The great Albert Einstein had said, ‘everything is energy and this is all that there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help get that reality, this is not philosophy, this is physics.’ Simply put, positive energy is matter of choice. We can train the mind to think positive and build positive expectations. And positive beliefs and expectation is essential for you to experience fulfilment in life. You may want a certain event to take place in your life but if you are not feeling positive about it, you will not Attract it.

Understanding the Law of Attraction is a powerful way to bring more positive energy into your life.Here are few ways we can consciously use the Law of attraction and attract Positive energy in our life!


  • Catch Your Negativity Early

Don’t let negative feelings consume your energy. Once you are already deep in anxiety, it’s more likely that you will find it hard to lift yourself up. So be on the lookout for the first signs of negativity. As soon as you spot that your mood shift toward irritability, anger, frustration, worry, or pessimism, calm yourself immediately. Sit still, and take a few deep breaths for relaxing your energy. Let the emotions pass. If you feel very restless, You may splash some water on your face, start walking for few minutes or even listen to some calming and relaxing music. They will make you feel better and won’t allow the negativity to settle.

  • Strengthen your inner dialogue

We all talk to ourselves in our heads. When the voice in your head starts saying things that trigger worry, fear, anger, guilt or shame, pause for a moment, and say to that voice, “That’s not me anymore,” or “I don’t need this thought and feeling anymore,” or “This thought does not serve me”. Continue talking to yourself in this manner until the negative thoughts go away. Ver soon, you will experience less and less of these limiting thoughts.

  • Change your Words

Words have Power. Do not waste a single moment indulging in blame and criticism. Energy flows where Attention goes. What you speak about others gets activated within your own energy. Here’s a powerful way to maintain a positive vibration. “What went well” speak about it in 5 sentences. “What did not go well” speak about it in one sentence only. Avoid talking about negative experiences to others unless you are talking to your therapist or to a person who is helping you deal with your situation appropriately. Negative talk will pull you down and you will keep inviting more drama and misery into your life. Instead Choose pleasant words, they will heal your heart and improve your situations faster.

·         Look for the good in everything

Every situation carries with it a lesson. If something did not turn out well, Sit in Silence with yourself and ask the Higher Power to guide you on how to best deal with the situation. Answers will always by your side and when they occur, Act on it. Sitting in silence daily will help you stay more connected with yourself. You will receive guidance that will show you the easiest and most effective ways to live your life with more positivity and joy.

With the Law Of Attraction Online Courseyou will be able to release your negativity and develop a more positive mindset and outlook in life.. The Law Of Attraction Course is designed in a way, that it can be your personal road mapto manifest your dreams

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God Bless You All! 

Dr. Karishma Ahuja, PhD