About Us

Karishma Ahuja is a Public Speaker, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Certified Master Trainer, specializing in the Law of Attraction, Ho'oponopono and Metaphysics. She is the Author of the book -''The Healing Power of Words'', available on amazon worldwide.

Karishma is very Passionate about teaching People about Universal laws and the concept of 100 % Responsibility for everything happening in our life to resolve problems using our mind and energy instead of placing blame on people and circumstances and breaking free from past Conditioning to return to live with Joy and Abundance

She conducts courses, talks and seminars for Children, Parents, Corporates, Business owners and Individuals to understand Meta-secrets to healthy, Wealthy and Happy living by offering a practical step by step plan to pursue their Goals and Achieve their Targets

To connect with Karishma, please drop us an email on mastermindtrainingindia@gmail.com / send us a message on 7718933244