Thursday 17 February 2022

Learn About Law Of Attraction With Dr. Karishma & Manifest Your Dreams


The Law of Attraction concept has gained a lot of popularity today especially among the youth. It is considered as a new thought movement based on the belief that a person is as successful as the power of his thoughts, and that if he can train his mind to think positive thoughts, he can attract his dreams and desires. The law of Attraction works universally on every plane of action, and a person can attract anything he/she truly and deeply desires – health, money, love& relationships. 

Law Of Attraction Online Course

Law of Attraction is not just a theory, there is enough scientific evidence to prove that concepts like law of attraction, intuitions, telepathy actually exist. One can read about them in a subject called Quantum physics which explains how these phenomena’s actually work.  There is a definite science behind the Law of Attraction working in our lives. As you think a thought and consciously choose to direct it towards what you want, you engage your subconscious mind deep enough that it starts cooperating with you to attract resources necessary to make them a reality in your life. The most important part of the manifestation process however is that you learn how to keep your focus on the things you want and take your attention off the things you don’t want

The Law Of Attraction Certification Courses & the Law Of Attraction Online Course by Dr.Karishma Ahuja are powerful courses designed to help you go deeper into the law of Attraction and Vibration principles and process. You will learn powerful techniques to program your mind for success and to apply these universal laws to live your dream life.