Certified Prosperity Coaching

This Module will give you the COMPLETE PROVEN SYSTEM for using the potential you have locked inside of you to achieve financial, emotional, physical and spiritual prosperity. 
The In Depth Training will open your eyes to the ability that lies deep inside you. This Module is a Financial roadmap that contains the complete plan for Manifesting and Sustaining the Abundance you desire

Are you ready to cash in on the riches inside of you?

Duration of The Course
3 full days - Classroom Training
Timing: 930 am to 530 pm

On Completion of 3 full days Training, A Prosperity Coach  Certificate will be awarded to the Trainee
Special Topics and Features

·      4 Powerful Keys to Prosperity
·      Hidden causes for all Financial issues and concerns
·      Positioning Yourself for Prosperity
·      Prosperity Consciousness Exercises
·      Identify your Money Personality
·      How Much Is Enough?
·      How timing is important for Money decisions
·      Mental Money
·      333 Formula for making More Money
·      The only 3 factors that determine how much money you earn
·      The one thing you must develop if you want to earn Big
·      Why Knowledge and skill may also fall short
·      5 ways the Wealthy think differently
·      Become a Money Magnet with this daily practice
·      How to Create So called Luck or get Lucky with Money
·      Head Vs Heart, what to follow for Money?
·      Powerful Money Management system
·      Managing Finances When Times get tough
·      A Part Of All You Earn Is Yours to Keep
·      Choosing the right business/Work
·      The Formula for Financial Freedom
·      Process of Duplication in Money Making
·      Working Smarter Vs Working Harder
·      Guided Meditations for Attracting Money
·      Tools, Exercises, Rituals and Lots of Abundance……J

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