Wednesday 29 December 2021

Master The Law Of Attraction with Dr Karishma Ahuja

 Law of Attraction is a universal principle, which states that thoughts have the power to become things (reality). If you train your mind to think positively then, you’ll attract positive things and outcomes in your life. Once a person learns to consciously apply the law of attraction, then he/she can get what they truly and deeply desire. The philosophy is based on the belief that like attracts like – As is your vibration, so is your result. if a person has a positive vibration, he attracts everything positive in nature. Such a person will also have more passion and enthusiasm for life, which will help him achieve his goals more joyfully.

Law Of Attraction Workshop In Mumbai
Law Of Attraction Workshop In Mumbai

The Law Of Attraction Workshop In Mumbai by Dr. Karishma Ahuja is one of the most powerful courses on attraction and vibration as it helps one get a clear understanding of how the law of attraction works, and how a person can manifest what they want. With the Law Of Attraction Online Course, you can master this subject from the comfort of your own home. 

By learning how to use the power of the law of attraction, you can attract love, money, health, success, and everything you desire. You will fall in love with yourself and your life like never before. Don’t waste a single day thinking, “I cannot be successful, or I am not worthy.” Instead, start using the law of attraction to manifest what you want. Connect with Dr. Karishma Ahuja Institute, and start your journey to success. 

Dr. Karishma Ahuja has been a Law of Attraction coach for over 12 years. She has helped people release negativity and develop a positive mindset to achieve their desired success. She has written 2 books, The Healing Power of Gratitude” and the “Healing Power of Words”. 

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Wednesday 17 November 2021

Use Your Mind Power To Achieve Desired Success

 “What you think in Secret comes to pass, your environment is but your looking glass” – James Allen.” What you think, feel, observe and do, all become part of your vibration and thus your reality. If we want to change our life, we must understand how our mind works and how we can make better use of our own mental faculties like Imagination, Creativity, Concentration, Intuition, Will power, etc.

Mind Power Training In Mumbai
Mind Power Training In Mumbai

The Laws of the mind are laws of life, just like the law of gravity. whether you believe in them or not, whether you understand how they work or not, they are still going to impact your life as they do for someone who understands and believes in them The only difference will be in the “way” they impact you and your life. For someone who understands how their mind works and consciously tries to apply these laws, he will certainly start seeing positive results in his life and attract more of what he wants. On the other hand, a person who is unconscious and unaware of the power of his own mind, or will be unable to positively direct his power towards what he wants to have and experience in his life. 

If you are new to the principles of Mind Power, this article will help you understand these concepts better. 

When a person is using the power of his own mind, he gets into a positive state of Expectation and starts doing things in alignment with his inner self or spirit. In these positive expectation and feelings, he brings himself into a positive state of vibration. As a result, things happen on their own without struggle or Force. They begin to attract the resources they need to fulfill their goals and desires. As they start tapping into the power of their own mind, they pursue their goals with confidence and take necessary timely action towards their dreams. They go from being “Victims” to whom things happen to “Victors” who make things happen for themselves. 

The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all our past programs, memories, beliefs, and tendencies that drive our behavior and results. It can become a great source of power in our lives if we can consciously direct it towards things we want to have and experience in life. This process of consciously directing the subconscious mind is referred to as “Expanding one’s mind power”. 

With Mind Power Training In Mumbaiyou will learn how to energize your current thoughts and reprogram your brain and subconscious mind for success. At our Mind Power Training Centre In Bangalore, you will get powerful ways to change old beliefs and feelings of fear and doubt and set a strong platform to achieve your dreams and goals with ease and joy. Visit our website to know more and enroll in our law of attraction- Mind Power courses available. 

Best Wishes

Dr. Karishma Ahuja, PhD

Sunday 3 October 2021

Attract Positivity In Your Life! – Dr. Karishma Ahuja

Every thought you think is accompanying a feeling. When you think deeply about this you will realize, we do everything with a feeling or what we call a “vibration”. This vibration is made up of either positive energy and positive expectation or negative energy and negative expectation.

Law Of Attraction Online Course
Law Of Attraction Online Course

The great Albert Einstein had said, ‘everything is energy and this is all that there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help get that reality, this is not philosophy, this is physics.’ Simply put, positive energy is matter of choice. We can train the mind to think positive and build positive expectations. And positive beliefs and expectation is essential for you to experience fulfilment in life. You may want a certain event to take place in your life but if you are not feeling positive about it, you will not Attract it.

Understanding the Law of Attraction is a powerful way to bring more positive energy into your life.Here are few ways we can consciously use the Law of attraction and attract Positive energy in our life!


  • Catch Your Negativity Early

Don’t let negative feelings consume your energy. Once you are already deep in anxiety, it’s more likely that you will find it hard to lift yourself up. So be on the lookout for the first signs of negativity. As soon as you spot that your mood shift toward irritability, anger, frustration, worry, or pessimism, calm yourself immediately. Sit still, and take a few deep breaths for relaxing your energy. Let the emotions pass. If you feel very restless, You may splash some water on your face, start walking for few minutes or even listen to some calming and relaxing music. They will make you feel better and won’t allow the negativity to settle.

  • Strengthen your inner dialogue

We all talk to ourselves in our heads. When the voice in your head starts saying things that trigger worry, fear, anger, guilt or shame, pause for a moment, and say to that voice, “That’s not me anymore,” or “I don’t need this thought and feeling anymore,” or “This thought does not serve me”. Continue talking to yourself in this manner until the negative thoughts go away. Ver soon, you will experience less and less of these limiting thoughts.

  • Change your Words

Words have Power. Do not waste a single moment indulging in blame and criticism. Energy flows where Attention goes. What you speak about others gets activated within your own energy. Here’s a powerful way to maintain a positive vibration. “What went well” speak about it in 5 sentences. “What did not go well” speak about it in one sentence only. Avoid talking about negative experiences to others unless you are talking to your therapist or to a person who is helping you deal with your situation appropriately. Negative talk will pull you down and you will keep inviting more drama and misery into your life. Instead Choose pleasant words, they will heal your heart and improve your situations faster.

·         Look for the good in everything

Every situation carries with it a lesson. If something did not turn out well, Sit in Silence with yourself and ask the Higher Power to guide you on how to best deal with the situation. Answers will always by your side and when they occur, Act on it. Sitting in silence daily will help you stay more connected with yourself. You will receive guidance that will show you the easiest and most effective ways to live your life with more positivity and joy.

With the Law Of Attraction Online Courseyou will be able to release your negativity and develop a more positive mindset and outlook in life.. The Law Of Attraction Course is designed in a way, that it can be your personal road mapto manifest your dreams

For more information, you are advised to go through our website.

God Bless You All! 

Dr. Karishma Ahuja, PhD

Sunday 12 September 2021

Learn How Law Of Attraction Can Change Your Life

Law Of Attraction Online Course

Law of Attraction is a Universal energy bringing us more of whatever it is that we are thinking, feeling and doing. “Law of Attraction” is the underlying principle which governs the level of our success-whether it is success in our career, finances, relationships or even health. But to understand the law of attraction better, we must understand that, Everything in this universe is connected to everything else in this universe, just as the water that boils is connected to the steam into which it transmutes, and the steam is connected to the air into which it changes. Similarly we too are connected to everything in the universe. The only physical difference which exists between one thing and another, is the difference in the vibration of the 2 things.

This means if we wish to attract what we want, we must become conscious of the energy or vibration we currently are in and we must then take efforts to raise our vibration to the level of the vibration that whatever we desire is in. For example, if we desire Abundance, then we must find a way to feel Abundant now so that we can attract the energy of Abundance into our lives and thus manifest our Money or Wealth goals.

Understanding of the Law of Attraction will help us gain a deeper insight into all the things we can do to take responsibility for our own circumstances and our lives.

Here are some more exciting ways in which the Law of Attraction can Transform your life-

1)    It can help you believe in yourself

2)    It can help you add Power to your Dreams and Manifest your Goals

3)    It can help you discover your strengths

4)     It can help you become more intuitive and insightful

5)    It can helpyou change your vibration by shiftingyour focus from negative to positive 

6)    It can help you become more passionate and enthusiastic in life

7)    It can help you break free from the victim mentality and help you develop the “Victor” mentality

If you are new to the law of attraction or wish to go deeper into your own practice, then check out the details of our Law Of Attraction Online CourseThis course will teach you powerful tools and techniques of Manifestation and help you achieve your dreams and goals Joyfully.

If you are passionate about the Law of Attraction and wish to teach this magical law to others, then check out details of our Law of Attraction Certification Courses. This course will show you how to enhance your own life skills and give you powerful tools and techniques to help others manifest their goals.

About Dr Karishma Ahuja

Dr. Karishma is a renowned success coach and Metaphysical Counselor. She holds expertise in Ho’oponopono inner child therapy and Forgiveness practices. Get in touch with our team or visit for more details on courses and programs offered by Dr Karishma Ahuja.

Monday 30 August 2021

Attract Money & Abundance

Thoughts become Things. Everything we experience in life comes with the magnetic power of our thoughts. What you think, believe and expect is what you get! When we go deeper into understanding how our mind works, we can start using the law of attraction to manifest our heart’s desires. In this post, let’s shed some light on how to manifest Money with the power of our own minds.

Money Consciousness Course
Money Consciousness Course

Wealth is of utmost importance in every individuals’ life and everyone would like to accumulate more wealth and achieve financial freedom, to have enough to do what we truly want to do and to lead comfortable lives without having to worry about lack or debt. However in life we don’t get want we want but we get what we are ready to receive.

Stop for a moment and think about this question. What is your attitude about Money? The answers you get are clearly determining the amount of prosperity you are enjoying in your life today.

There are many of us who fail to manifest money in our lives and are never successful in achieving financial stability because we hold negative and limiting beliefs about money and wealth.  As per the law of attraction, financial success starts in the mind, and the only way we can have more wealth is when we raiseour money consciousness – that is our dominant thoughts and feelings about money and abundance. Metaphysical practices and Law of Attraction tools can help us in changing these beliefs and opens our mind to attracting new opportunities. 


  • USE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO OVERCOME NEGATIVE BELIEFS &START EXPECTING TO HAVE WHAT YOU WANT. For example, the belief that “It is hard to make money” can be replaced with, “Money comes to me easily.” (read about it here)

The Money Consciousness Course and Law Of Attraction Online Course are designed by Dr. Karishma Ahuja to help you reprogram your mind for Success, Wealth and Prosperity. You will receive powerful tools to open DOORS for Abundance and Financial Success.

Happy Manifesting!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Karishma Ahuja, PhD

Monday 23 August 2021

Unlock Your Mind Power And Enrich Your Life With The Mind Power Training Offered By Dr. Karishma Ahuja

Mind Power Training In Mumbai
Our brain is a very powerful mechanism, almost like a supercomputer built within us that has enormous potential to bring success and growth in our lives. The brain can be divided into 2 hemispheres – Left and Right. Left hemisphere is the logical side . It includes functions of reading, writing, analysing etc. The right brain is the intuitive side. It includes functions of imagination, dreaming, creativity etc. The Highest potential a human being is capable of can be reached when there is a balance between the 2 sides.

The most important thing thus is understanding how to make this possible. No prizes for guessing. The answer is— Mind power.

What Is Mind Power?

Mind Power is the strongest power a human being possesses. The main aspectsof mind power are your own thoughts, feelings and Vibration. Unlocking our mind power comes down to understanding how our subconscious mind works. Whether we are looking to be more peaceful or we want to be successful in any area of our lives, we need togain a deeper understanding of how our subconscious mind works. We have to find ways to connect with and impress our subconscious mind.

When we consciously choose our thoughts and energize them with positive focus and emotion, our thoughts become very powerful and can positively affect the reality around us. We then become strong Manifestators of whatever it is that we Want to attract and achieve.

There is a great Metaphysical phrase which explains the Power of our own minds, “ What you think in Secret comes to pass, your environment is but your looking glass.” This means that every thought you think has the potential to become a reality and what you see in your reality is the very manifestation of your thoughts and feelings. This is true for things that you want as well as for things you don’t want. If you are talking about, and giving attention to things you dislike or even resent, then these thoughts too are powerful and can soon manifest themselves in your life and reality.  The Key thus lies in training the mind to think and focus on those aspects that add value to your life and your dreams.

What Is Mind Power Training?

Mindpower training is a process, which helps one learn about 

- how take better control of our thoughts

- how to tap into the power of our own mind

- how to work with our subconscious mind

- how to set powerful intentions

- how to energize our thoughts with feelings

- how to think creatively

- how use our imagination to expand our thinking with infinite possibilities. 

In simple words, Mind power will help you in strengthening your own Will power, Cleansing your energy and in powerfully programing your Subconscious mind for Success. Thereby helping you to make right choices and take appropriate actions for achieving your goals and realizing your dreams.

The Mind Power Training Centers In Bangalore will help you in training your mind in such a way that you will unlock the source of power within yourself. You will gain clarity and strength you need to supercharge your manifestations and attract your goals.

The Mind Power Training In Mumbai, which is designed by Dr. Karishma, is one of the best you will find. It will open up unexpected doors and opportunities for you in your life by strengthening your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

To feel Powerfully Positive, Learn about the exact Science and techniques of manifestation from the expert ! -Dr. Karishma Ahuja herself.

Friday 16 July 2021

How To Use Visualization To Attract The Things You Truly Desire?

The Law of Attraction is a vast topic, and in the previous article, we discussed different techniques of communicating with the subconscious mind. Earlier, we have given a brief of all the methods, but today, here we are going to shed some light on Visualizations. If you want to know How To Visualize The Things You Desire, then you have landed on the right page. 

Law Of Attraction Course
Law Of Attraction Course
Why Visualization Is A Powerful Tool In Manifestation? 

One of the important fundamentals of Manifestation is that we need to make sure that we see what we want to create as clearly as we can – to actually witness it happening and being achieved in our mind’s eye. It is not complete until we see it happen. This is the fundamental difference between intention and knowing. Intention is a may be. Knowing is a certainty. And Visualization takes you deeper into that Knowing.

Visualization Is Important For Two Reasons:

  1. Your mind thinks in only pictures and images.
  2. Your Subconscious mind drives your behavior. 

If you can picture what you truly desire, you can impress your subconscious mind with it. Every time you visualize, you invariably go to a higher level of Vibration. You feel more confident, self-assured, motivated & committed. This is because when you visualize you actually "vibrate" at the level you would if you had actually achieved your goals! The very act of Visualization creates the very "vibrations" you need to shift your results.

How To Visualize What You Truly & Deeply Desire? 

Sit in a comfortable position. Try to relax your mind and body. Slowlystart seeing yourself in possession of whatever it is that you desire. Allow pictures of you having achieved your Goal come to your mind slowly. Smile as you see those pictures coming in your mind. Connect with the feelings going on within you as you are connecting with your Goal and seeing these pictures. Do not get upset if you can’t see clear pictures. Pictures will come to you on their own without force. Just try to enjoy the process. You can even speak aloud how it feels to have achieved your desire as you are visualizing. This will allow pictures to come more easily. 

Few Tips To Help You Visualize Better

  1. Keep it short. Few minutes is enough.
  2. Visualize one goal at a time
  3. Try to visualize the same pictures daily until you have achieved your Goal.
  4. Ask yourself, why do want what you want? This will keep you motivated and passionate and help you visualize better.

If you want to learn exact techniques and methods to Visualize for boosting your manifestations, check out details of our Law Of Attraction Course. With our Law Of Attraction Online Course, you will gain in-depth knowledge about Visualization techniques and how to quicken your Goal achievement by harnessing the power of your own mind.

 Happy Manifesting! 

Dr. Karishma Ahuja, PhD

Friday 4 June 2021

Live Your Dream Life With The Law Of Attraction!

Law of Attraction Certification Courses
Law of Attraction Certification Courses
The Law of Attraction is really the Law of Vibration.  Everything Vibrates. We are constantly thinking thoughts, feeling emotions and performing actions which release energy and emit a vibration. What we think, feel and do is either lifting our mood or lowering our vibration. For example, when you listen to sweet soothing music or spend some time in nature, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This is because it has a positive impact on your energy and vibration. The Law of Attraction is responding to this very mood or vibration you are in. So at any given point in time, you are either moving closer towards what you want or moving away from all the things you desire. And this is all happening due to the vibration you are in.

The Law of the Attraction states, if you keep thinking of something and continue to focus on it, you invite it into your life, even if you don’t want it. For the Universe always responds with a YES to every thought, word and action especially when it is filled with a lot of emotion. This Knowledge of the Law of Vibration And Attraction helps clears up many question marks that have been in our minds for years. It thus becomes evident to us why some people keep attracting what they do not want, while others attract exactly what they do want. Controlling our vibration and practicing the art of consciously giving attention to our goals will help us learn how to magnetize ourselves to the good that we desire. It can literally transform your life in many ways.

You must guard your mind constantly against doubt, because it is a low vibration. When you are entertaining doubts, what you are actually doing is creating images of the things you don’t want. Moreover, justifying your doubt to yourself by even thinking of  reasonswhy things will not work out for you will do you absolutely no good. You cannot strike a bargain with your subconscious mind, because the subconscious has no sense of fairness, no sense of humor, and it cannot even determine what is good or what is bad for you. Every image just IS, to the subconscious mind. Therefore, your negative, worrisome thoughts and images will be accepted just as quickly and as willingly as will your images of success and happiness.

The Law of Attraction Certification Courses offered by us coverall these aspects of the mind, energy and vibrations, which help a person in understanding how their mind really works, why they could be stuck, and how they can enhance their own mental faculties to attract their dreams and desires. Topics include the important principles of the law of attraction and vibration, powerful visualization processes, enhancing your self image, manifesting with pictures, connecting with your goals emotionally, vibration techniques to release resistances and old belief patterns, strategies to speed up manifestation of one’s desires. etc.

It involves a set of practices to master these principles in depth and covers powerful set of manifestation tools and techniques to help one as a Coach guide others on the same subject and to facilitate one’s own seminars and workshops on the Law of Attraction all over the world.

Our courses and programs are offered pan India. For example, The Law Of Attraction Course In Pune covers the most powerful success principles to apply the law of attraction and vibration in your life to achieve your dreams and become the very best at whatever it is that you are doing or striving for.

Happy Manifesting with Dr. Karishma Ahuja!


Friday 7 May 2021

Attract The Very Things You Desire With The Law Of Attraction!

The great James Allen said, “You don’t get what you want … you get what you ARE.” You have unlimited resources lying within you. The development of what lies there inside you will cause the Manifestation of whatever it is that you want -Prosperity, good health, happy relationships and much more.

Law Of Attraction Training Courses India
Law Of Attraction Training Courses
Energy is invisible; however, it is present all around us. Everything in the Universe is made up of energy.The Law of Attraction is really the Law of Vibration. EVERYTHING VIBRATES.Everything moves. Everything ever created is in a constant state of energetic motion. What looks solid is not. We live in an ocean of motion! We are always in a state of creation, as we are creating our reality either Consciously or Subconsciously through our energy and vibration and it is a process that never stops.

If a person understands how their mind works and how the Law of Attraction can be consciously used in their life, then they can start attracting more of what they want and less of what they don’t want to experience.

Let’s shed some more light on the law of attraction and how it can help you attain your desires-

Law of Attraction is a powerful universal law bringing you more of whatever it is that you are thinking, feeling, doing and focusing on intensely. Most people are not aware of the connection between their “feelings” and the RESULTS they get in their lives. This is usually where the disconnect occurs. That vibration or feeling you are in is everything. Because it is feeling that leads to action. And that action creates the very results you are experiencing today! When you understand the Law of Attraction, you know YOU have the ability to cause changes in your vibration field that, in turn, will create the results you desire in your life! You will thus be able to change your life in every way, and will  experience the flow of infinite possibilities, abundance, and joy you have never experienced earlier.

Some Tips To get started with Using the Law Of Attraction In Your Life

·         Identify what you want

·         Note down your deepest desires, those that truly get you excited

·         Focus on your desires/ goals giving them positive attention.

·         Visualize having what you WANT in your life

·         Use positive words and statements to remind yourself that you are worthy to ATTRACT them into your life

·         Listen to your inner Guidance. Take inspired action to make your Goals and dreams a reality

Happy Manifesting

Dr Karishma Ahuja, PhD

To find out more about the Law of Attraction courses offered by us and how they can transform your life, read on:

The Law Of Attraction Training Courses India offered by Dr. Karishma Ahuja will help you in understanding in depth the universal Law of Attraction. The Law Of Attraction Certification Courses are well designed to help you in mastering several areas of your life with powerful techniques to learn and teach this powerful Law.

If you want to positively focus on improving important aspects of your life, then these courses will serve as your personal road map to get desirable results. Reach out to us today, and Sign up to take charge of your own life. You will see astonishing results in your life!

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