Monday, 27 February 2017

The #LawofAttraction is really the Law of Mirroring - Karishma Ahuja

I am amazed by Karishma's Vision and Clarity of mind - Brigadier Sushil Bhasin

I know Karishma for about 3 years. I am amazed by her vision and clarity of mind. Passionate about her work, she is an amazing trainer. I found Karishma thoroughly professional and highly knowledgeable. She has wonderful social skills and is popular in the training fraternity. Above all she is a wonderful human being

Sushil Bhasin
Life Coach, Educator, Trainer & Motivational Speaker

Creative Visualization Class at Hotel Suba Galaxy

Did you Know, Visualizing for as little as 17 seconds on one single thought and image at a time creates an energy expansion that could result in the creation of a miracle in your life?

Conducting the Creative Visualization class at Hotel Suba Galaxy, mumbai

Best wishes to you from all of us at Team MasterMind Training!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

#LawofAttraction Tips for Soul to Soul #Communication

The Key to effective relationships is to communicate soul to soul - To acknowledge your divinity and open your heart and let love, which is your true being, flow out to reach all the people you meet and interact with. 

In this video, Karishma shares simple LOA tools to practice this approach to see your relationships transform beautifully.

Karishma Ahuja is an Author, Speaker & MindPower Trainer. She specialises in Ho'oponopono and Law of Attraction. Please visit to know about her upcoming events and seminars in your city.

If it's happening to you, It's coming from you - Karishma Ahuja #powerofyoursubconsciousmind

Saturday, 25 February 2017

When you do what you love, you are in a State of #Abundance

#Manifestation of your Goal will never be found in the vibration that feels a lack due to the absence of it

"The Art of Creating your desires is really the Art of Practicing getting to and staying in a higher Vibration"
- Karishma Ahuja

My thought process has changed, Thank you Karishma- Dhanurdhar:#mindpowertools by #KarishmaAhuja

My experience with Karishma Ahuja's Workshop has been Great. My thought process has actually changed quite a lot. Thank you so much Karishma for introducing me to Ho'oponopono. I am seeing positive and beautiful differences in my daily life

Student, Mumbai

Friday, 24 February 2017

Every cell of the body has the ability to transmit and receive thought, are you sending them the right signals?#LawofAttractionWorkshop

It's not just the brain that transmits and receives thought, literally, every cell of the body has the ability to transmit and receive thought.

If you donot make decisions about what you want and shift your vibration consciously to experience what you intend then the cells of your body, literally every part of you, receives influence or decision based on your Past responses which means your dominant thoughts & vibrations, most of them that you are unconscious about

Take charge of your life! Join us for the upcoming Law of Attraction to practice the art of Conscious and Joyful Manifestation for your Health, your Relationships and your Career!

You can find more details here:

It's all happening to you because of the stories you tell yourself and others - #KarishmaAhuja

With Speakers at the International Health Conference in mumbai..

If you are working towards your improved Health, here is a powerful thought for you to ponder on...
"Wellbeing always flows to you but for you to receive it, it must flow through you in the form of uplifting words and positive emotions"
- Karishma Ahuja

when you keep thinking talking and writing about What you Want, You will experience it, by Law:#LawofAttraction by #KarishmaAhuja

Monday, 20 February 2017

Ask and It is Given: Advance #LawofAttractionWorkshop, Mumbai

4th March 2017, Hotel Suba Galaxy

And Loving it...Received a Diploma from Dr. Kulikova Alla,President of INTERNATIONAL PSY – Academy (IPA) of Czech Republic at MetaHealth Conference in Mumbai

Very happy to share I received a Diploma from Scientist and Head Dr. Kulikova Alla, President of INTERNATIONAL PSY – Academy (IPA) of Czech Republic and Slovakia /1992/ which is dedicated to spreading Awareness of Emotional Health, expansion of human consciousness, human potential , Self-healing and Knowledge of the principles and mechanisms of Rebirth

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

#LawofAttraction: The Art & Science of Receiving What you Want: By #KarishmaAhuja

#Hooponopono Workshop by #KarishmaAhuja has been a lovely experience

Ho'oponopono Workshop by Karishma has been a lovely experience
The explanations we received with every tool were very powerful and educative. This has given us a clear understanding of the tools and given us direction and guidance on using the right tools.

Thank you so much
Deepali Pathare

Monday, 13 February 2017

This really helped me #Attract Wonderful things in my life: #LawofAttractionIndia

Advance #LawofAttraction Workshop- Art and Science of Manifesting our Dreams

LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKSHOP - SAT 4TH MARCH 9 AM TO 6 PM, MUMBAI : Align yourself with what you wish to create in your life!

 Law of Attraction is a Law of the Universe, as powerful as any other Law of Life. In simple words, whatever you Think and Feel becomes a Reality. We don't just Participate in what we experience but rather we are fully Responsible for what shows up in our life and we do so with the Thoughts we Think and the Vibrations we emit.

Therefore, when we start becoming Conscious of our Point of attraction and practicing higher Vibrations, we can start using this law to manifest our dreams and attract what we want!

''This Workshop is a combination of scientific, metaphysical & spiritual elements to understand and apply this powerful law to every ...
aspect of ones life so that we connect with what we consciously want to create in our life.''

 Workshop will cover-
• Tools to Implement the law of Attraction and Vibration in your life
• Powerful ways to raise your Vibration & speed up your manifestations
• Deeper understanding of how our mind works & how we can control our thoughts and ease our physical stress and mental tension
• Easy & effective ways to stay connected with your Subconscious mind throughout the day.
•Understanding Power of Intention & learn to Activate it in your life
• Identifying and Set Goals and develop a roadmap to Achieve them with powerful new Goal Setting exercises
• Developing your intuitiive abilities
• Recognizing and eliminating the type of intentions that may be the reason why our goals haven't been met!
• Money Tools: Raising your wealth consciousness to attract MONEY & prosperity.
• How to Visualize effectively within seconds
• Law of Attraction for your WEIGHT & Health
• LOA tool for RELATIONSHIPS (Master personal and professional relationships & clear blockages)
• Understand Quantum Mechanics: Scientific explanation of how the Law of Attraction works while you are awake and asleep & how we can consciously create our own reality!

 Venue: Hotel Suba Galaxy, N.S. Phadke Road, Near Hub town, Off Western Express Highway, AndherI East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069

Coordinator Contacts for Registrations, Phone: +917718933244, WhatsApp number: 9867313700

To your Dreams
MasterMind Training

Key to achievieving more in life is to understand Yourself first:#LawsofSuccess

Saturday, 11 February 2017

#Hooponopono miracles continue...

Ho'oponopono miracles continue
Read what our previous participants have to say

The Ho'oponopono Workshop by Karishma Ahuja was just SUPERB. I feel so empowered after the Workshop. The tools we learnt are very useful for day to day problems, easy ways to keep Cleaning and Erasing all our Problems.
It was an amazing experience!

Neha Pendse
Owner, Neha's Beauty Salon
Goregaon, Mumbai

My experience in One word.....'Enlightening'.I heard about this course from my wife, It Feels great to have attended this workshop and to learn easy techniques to resolve life's Challenges.
Shriram Ravindran
Banker - Axis Bank


This is what stands between your Desire and your Achievement:#KarishmaAhuja

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

#Hooponopono has brought me inner peace and helped me resolve most of my issues: Anita shares her experience after attending Workshop by #Karishma Ahuja

It's been a privilege to attend and be a part of Karishma Ahuja's Hooponopono healing workshop. Her explanations and vibrations are excellent. Her workshops have brought me inner peace, calmness, free flowing energy and helping me resolve most of my immediate issues, also helping me forgive people very easily and make better choices.  I love the tips that she gives on the WhatsApp group that encourages and reminds me of cleansing and creating a new me.

Thank you so much.

Anita Barretto

Healing Power of Words by #KarishmaAhuja