Monday, 13 February 2017

Advance #LawofAttraction Workshop- Art and Science of Manifesting our Dreams

LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKSHOP - SAT 4TH MARCH 9 AM TO 6 PM, MUMBAI : Align yourself with what you wish to create in your life!

 Law of Attraction is a Law of the Universe, as powerful as any other Law of Life. In simple words, whatever you Think and Feel becomes a Reality. We don't just Participate in what we experience but rather we are fully Responsible for what shows up in our life and we do so with the Thoughts we Think and the Vibrations we emit.

Therefore, when we start becoming Conscious of our Point of attraction and practicing higher Vibrations, we can start using this law to manifest our dreams and attract what we want!

''This Workshop is a combination of scientific, metaphysical & spiritual elements to understand and apply this powerful law to every ...
aspect of ones life so that we connect with what we consciously want to create in our life.''

 Workshop will cover-
• Tools to Implement the law of Attraction and Vibration in your life
• Powerful ways to raise your Vibration & speed up your manifestations
• Deeper understanding of how our mind works & how we can control our thoughts and ease our physical stress and mental tension
• Easy & effective ways to stay connected with your Subconscious mind throughout the day.
•Understanding Power of Intention & learn to Activate it in your life
• Identifying and Set Goals and develop a roadmap to Achieve them with powerful new Goal Setting exercises
• Developing your intuitiive abilities
• Recognizing and eliminating the type of intentions that may be the reason why our goals haven't been met!
• Money Tools: Raising your wealth consciousness to attract MONEY & prosperity.
• How to Visualize effectively within seconds
• Law of Attraction for your WEIGHT & Health
• LOA tool for RELATIONSHIPS (Master personal and professional relationships & clear blockages)
• Understand Quantum Mechanics: Scientific explanation of how the Law of Attraction works while you are awake and asleep & how we can consciously create our own reality!

 Venue: Hotel Suba Galaxy, N.S. Phadke Road, Near Hub town, Off Western Express Highway, AndherI East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069

Coordinator Contacts for Registrations, Phone: +917718933244, WhatsApp number: 9867313700

To your Dreams
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