Monday 30 August 2021

Attract Money & Abundance

Thoughts become Things. Everything we experience in life comes with the magnetic power of our thoughts. What you think, believe and expect is what you get! When we go deeper into understanding how our mind works, we can start using the law of attraction to manifest our heart’s desires. In this post, let’s shed some light on how to manifest Money with the power of our own minds.

Money Consciousness Course
Money Consciousness Course

Wealth is of utmost importance in every individuals’ life and everyone would like to accumulate more wealth and achieve financial freedom, to have enough to do what we truly want to do and to lead comfortable lives without having to worry about lack or debt. However in life we don’t get want we want but we get what we are ready to receive.

Stop for a moment and think about this question. What is your attitude about Money? The answers you get are clearly determining the amount of prosperity you are enjoying in your life today.

There are many of us who fail to manifest money in our lives and are never successful in achieving financial stability because we hold negative and limiting beliefs about money and wealth.  As per the law of attraction, financial success starts in the mind, and the only way we can have more wealth is when we raiseour money consciousness – that is our dominant thoughts and feelings about money and abundance. Metaphysical practices and Law of Attraction tools can help us in changing these beliefs and opens our mind to attracting new opportunities. 


  • USE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO OVERCOME NEGATIVE BELIEFS &START EXPECTING TO HAVE WHAT YOU WANT. For example, the belief that “It is hard to make money” can be replaced with, “Money comes to me easily.” (read about it here)

The Money Consciousness Course and Law Of Attraction Online Course are designed by Dr. Karishma Ahuja to help you reprogram your mind for Success, Wealth and Prosperity. You will receive powerful tools to open DOORS for Abundance and Financial Success.

Happy Manifesting!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Karishma Ahuja, PhD

Monday 23 August 2021

Unlock Your Mind Power And Enrich Your Life With The Mind Power Training Offered By Dr. Karishma Ahuja

Mind Power Training In Mumbai
Our brain is a very powerful mechanism, almost like a supercomputer built within us that has enormous potential to bring success and growth in our lives. The brain can be divided into 2 hemispheres – Left and Right. Left hemisphere is the logical side . It includes functions of reading, writing, analysing etc. The right brain is the intuitive side. It includes functions of imagination, dreaming, creativity etc. The Highest potential a human being is capable of can be reached when there is a balance between the 2 sides.

The most important thing thus is understanding how to make this possible. No prizes for guessing. The answer is— Mind power.

What Is Mind Power?

Mind Power is the strongest power a human being possesses. The main aspectsof mind power are your own thoughts, feelings and Vibration. Unlocking our mind power comes down to understanding how our subconscious mind works. Whether we are looking to be more peaceful or we want to be successful in any area of our lives, we need togain a deeper understanding of how our subconscious mind works. We have to find ways to connect with and impress our subconscious mind.

When we consciously choose our thoughts and energize them with positive focus and emotion, our thoughts become very powerful and can positively affect the reality around us. We then become strong Manifestators of whatever it is that we Want to attract and achieve.

There is a great Metaphysical phrase which explains the Power of our own minds, “ What you think in Secret comes to pass, your environment is but your looking glass.” This means that every thought you think has the potential to become a reality and what you see in your reality is the very manifestation of your thoughts and feelings. This is true for things that you want as well as for things you don’t want. If you are talking about, and giving attention to things you dislike or even resent, then these thoughts too are powerful and can soon manifest themselves in your life and reality.  The Key thus lies in training the mind to think and focus on those aspects that add value to your life and your dreams.

What Is Mind Power Training?

Mindpower training is a process, which helps one learn about 

- how take better control of our thoughts

- how to tap into the power of our own mind

- how to work with our subconscious mind

- how to set powerful intentions

- how to energize our thoughts with feelings

- how to think creatively

- how use our imagination to expand our thinking with infinite possibilities. 

In simple words, Mind power will help you in strengthening your own Will power, Cleansing your energy and in powerfully programing your Subconscious mind for Success. Thereby helping you to make right choices and take appropriate actions for achieving your goals and realizing your dreams.

The Mind Power Training Centers In Bangalore will help you in training your mind in such a way that you will unlock the source of power within yourself. You will gain clarity and strength you need to supercharge your manifestations and attract your goals.

The Mind Power Training In Mumbai, which is designed by Dr. Karishma, is one of the best you will find. It will open up unexpected doors and opportunities for you in your life by strengthening your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

To feel Powerfully Positive, Learn about the exact Science and techniques of manifestation from the expert ! -Dr. Karishma Ahuja herself.