Sunday 31 May 2020


This is Your Personal Road-map to Manifesting your dreams

This course covers the following:

Introduction to Law of Attraction

Most Important principles that make this law work

Think you cannot visualize? Try this powerful Visualization process and Tool

Golden rules for Healthy Visualization with examples

Tips on how to manifest faster with Pictures

Steps to Make your own Powerful Vision Board

How to deal with E – Motion (Energy in Motion)

Powerful Mediation Technique to Re-Program the Brain and influence the Subconscious mind with your desires and Goals

How to Set Clear and Powerful Goals for Success

Tips on how to use the Goal setting process with the Law of Attraction

Take your Gratitude to the deepest level ever with this Law of Attraction practice

Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tool– Hawaiian healing system to overcome the Past

How Words can make you boost your Manifestations (Special exercise to change your words and thoughts)

Complete Guide to Challenging your old limiting beliefs and mental patterns

Strengthening your self -concept and self confidence

Special Technique to use Affirmations

How to overcome Negative thoughts and Worry

How to raise your Vibrations

How to ask for Signs and receive Guidance from the Universe

Water therapy and Tools for Healing

Law of Attraction: 6 tools to Manifest Health

Law of Attraction Special tool and Meditation for Attracting happy relationships

Law of Attraction: 9 tools for Money & Abundance

Special list of Money Affirmations

Most Powerful and Proven Success Principles

Success Story -To inspire you to Dream Big

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Best Wishes

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