Monday 4 May 2020

Easy yet powerful tips to teach #Mindfulness to children: #Mindfulnesspractices for children: By #DrKarishmaAhuja

Childhood is the best time to instill positive thoughts and feelings in children. The best way to teach something to children is by demonstrating it to them, by making them learn through examples. When they see elders in the home doing these practices, they too will follow.

1. People who practice Mindfulness know that the breath is the starting and finishing point for all types of meditation. We carry our breath with us in every moment. Watching our breath helps us to focus on the moment rather than be distracted by our thoughts. Children can learn this too. Teach them to simply watch their breath, to experience sensations in their body. To witness how their chest and stomach rises and falls with the breath. Such mindfulness helps them to be in the moment. It keeps them calm and allows them to manage their thoughts and anxiety at an early age itself.

2. If you want to help your children grow into empowered, strong, peaceful and successful adults then make them experience the power of Forgiveness. Teach them how to forgive everything and everyone. When we forgive, we set healing in motion. Instill in children the ability to forgive, it will bring them peace and harmony in their relationships. A great way to do this is to engage children in a daily forgiveness meditation. Encourage them to think of someone or something that hurt or upset them. As thoughts come to their mind, encourage them to repeat these words, “I forgive everybody, May everyone be happy and healthy.”

3. Visualizing is important for two reasons: Your mind thinks in only pictures and images and Your Subconscious mind drives your behavior. Every time you visualize, you invariably go to a higher level of Vibration. You feel more confident, self-assured, motivated & committed. This is because when you visualize you actually "vibrate" at the level you would if you had actually achieved your goals! The very act of Visualization creates the very "vibrations" you need to empower yourself and attract positive experiences. Teach children to visualize happy outcomes. Before they go to bed at night, encourage them to visualize being successful at the tasks that they need to accomplish. Just few seconds of holding positive images in their mind will help them grow in confidence and in developing a positive attitude in life.

4. It is extremely essential to cultivate in children an attitude of Gratitude. Attitude of Gratitude is about looking at situations from a point of appreciation rather than from a point of lack. Compliment others in front of your children. Share the things you appreciate about another person and encourage your children to do the same. Create a family gratitude journal. Let every member in the home write one thing daily in it that they are truly grateful for, awhile also putting down the reason, why they are grateful for it. This will allow children to go deeper into gratitude. They will start positively focusing on what they have, rather than complaining about what they don’t.

Remember, example is not the best way, it is the only way to teach children. Do these above practices together with your children, this will fill your home with Positivity and Happiness.
All the best!
-Dr. Karishma Ahuja, PhD

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