Saturday 9 May 2020

#Homestudycourse : A Course on #perfecthealth: #healthrituals #lawofattraction

This course on Perfect Health: will give us a set of powerful tools, techniques and meditations to implement strong & healing health rituals in our daily life. Each tool focuses on promoting vibrant mental and physical health thereby bringing more Joy and Well-being in our life You will learn some practical techniques to: Understand your own energy and Vibrational Frequency Raise your Vibration Set strong intentions through Health visualizations and learn how to bring healing by aligning them with the flow of the universe Relieve your stress through powerful breathing techniques Boost your energy Learn to communicate with your own body, Cells and DNA Identify & Clear limiting mental patterns to improve your Health Raise your intuitiveness Apply Water and Food as healing tools Free yourself from negative self sabotaging feelings Enhance your clarity Tap into the powerful Energy within to uplift yourself and everyone around you Get ready to watch your worries and obstacles disappear as we guide you to effortless joy and Success in activating the Healing power within you.

To request your copy, contact Mastermind office (WhatsApp) on:+917718933244

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