Wednesday 6 May 2020

#ForgivenessHomestudycourse by #DrKarishmaAhuja

From an early age we are told Forgiveness is an important virtue we should practice, but we are not shown how to forgive, most importantly we do not know how to really mean it with our heart.

The best way to understand forgiveness is to realize that to forgive and to ask for forgiveness is the best use of one’s energy and also one of the most important paths to healing any area of our life. We are often caught in memories of past hurts and have the ability to imagine and plan the future with resentments and bitterness .We are capable of enormous hurt and hatred towards ourselves and others.

We need to learn to forgive and free ourselves and our loved ones from all the pain and hurt that the past may be causing us!

This course by Dr Karishma Ahuja will cover powerful Forgiveness techniques, Chants, Meditations and Rituals to Forgive the seemingly unforgivable and bring more Lightness, Love, Health and beautiful Miracles into your life through the Power of Letting Go!!!

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