Tuesday 21 June 2022

Become A Life Coach & Help Your Clients Take Charge Of Your Own Life And Circumstances!

 Would you like to empower yourself and also help others resolve their problems and take better charge of their lives? Is helping and inspiring others your life purpose? Would you like to use your knowledge, awareness, skills and talents to guide others? Then the Life Coaching Certification India is for you. With this course, you will learn most powerful skills of a life coach and start spreading more joy and abundance in the World.

Life Coaching Certification India

You will learn effective mind power and metaphysical practices to understand your client’s challenges and devise suitable strategies and steps for them to overcome them, helping them gain a deeper understanding about their hidden mental-emotional blockages and limiting beliefs.


Life coaching Certification course will help you in exploring your inner power to understand, guide, empower and inspire your clients to get into action to improve their life and to develop self belief and confidence to pursue their goals and live their best life!

The Life Coaching Program by Dr Ahuja (Best Life Coach India) is right here for you to equip you with the right tools to become a Successful Life coach. Dr. Karishma is a renowned Life Coach in India who has been helping thousands of individuals (children and adults) over the last 16 years through mind power techniques, manifestation tools and energy cleansing practices. She is also an author of two popular self-help books, The Healing Power of Gratitude and The Healing Power of Words. These books have helping people in understanding how they can manage their emotions better and maintain a positive state of mind.

To gain more insights about the life coaching course offered by Dr. Karishma, please visit our website. You’ll get all the required information you need to take the right steps towards pursuing your goal of becoming a life coach.

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