Tuesday 5 July 2022

Get Certified As A Law Of Attraction Trainer

 In the previous article, we talked about the Highlights of various Train the Trainer Programs Offered by Dr. Karishma, which have given you all the insights into the different set of certification programs that come under Train the Trainer programs offered by Dr Karishma Ahuja Institute. However, today, let’s she some light on the Law of Attraction Certification Training and how it can help you to spread this knowledge with others.

Train the Trainer Certification Programs in India


The Law of Attraction is a powerful law that picks up our thoughts, intentions and feelings to bring us ‘like’ experiences in our life. It operates on the principle of “like energy attracts like energy.” This means we attract into our lives whatever we focus on, whether we want it or don’t want it, simply because it is a part of our energy and vibration. If we understand how this law works and apply definite techniques to energize our thoughts in a positive manner, we will start attracting more of what we want (our goals and dreams) and less of what we don’t want.


The law of attraction Train the Trainer Certification Programs in Indiawhich is offered by Dr. Karishma Ahuja, is more than just a course. It is a roadmap, to take you as well as your clients from where they are in their life, to where they wish to be. 

The Train the Trainer in Mumbai is designed especially for the trainers, facilitators, coaches, healers, and teachers, who are willing to take charge of their own lives as well as help others to live their dream life.

Through this module, you will be able to help your clients in achieving what they desire in terms of their relationships, career, health, and vitality. Through powerful Metaphysical, Vibrational& Mind Power Tools, you will be guided on how to use your mind tostay motivated and also to resolve problems and challenges that could come along on your journey towards your dreams and goals

Join this powerful program if you are ready to start your magical journey as a Law of attraction Coach.

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