Wednesday 25 May 2022

Take Charge Of Your Own Life

Many of us may find ourselves worrying and thinking about what others think about us. However if we have to achieve success, we got to go behind these thoughts of what other people will say or think. Successful people will never worry being judged. They are confident about their own ideas and abilities. That is why they are able to dream big and make a positive difference in their own life. They do not allow fear or criticism to dominate their feelings or drive their behaviour. 

Train The Trainer Certification Programs In India

Always remember, the most important person who can make a difference in your life is You. You simply cannot control how other people think about you, nor can you please everyone with your actions. But you can certainly control how you want to think and act in your life. When you worry too much about what others think about you, you will find it hard to accomplish great things because you are limited by fear and judgment. It will affect your creativity and lower your drive to get things done.

Instead, Use your time to think good things and to chalk out a step by step plan to make your dreams a reality. Be open to others opinions but ultimately do what feels right from within. For, your heart will be your best guide. It will not only show you the way forward, It will also allow you to accomplish things in the best possible manner.

Dr Karishma Ahuja’s Train The Trainer Certification Programs In India & Train The Trainer In Mumbai are modulesdesigned for trainers, facilitators, coaches, healers, teachers, and all those people who aspire to guide others in their journey to Success. There are 4 programs/ trainings available: 

Law of Attraction Train the Trainer – for those who wish to become Manifestation coaches and guide clients through mind power tools.

Ho’oponopono Inner Child Therapist Certification – for those who wish to teach and empower others through Ho’oponopono healing philosophy and process of Cleaning one’s own energy.

Life Coaching Certification- for those who wish to become Life coaches and help clients manage their emotions and chalk out a step by step plan for them to achieve desired goals

Forgiveness Therapist Training -  For those who wish to Facilitate deep Forgiveness, cleansing, releasing and healing of the Past for their clients.

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