Tuesday 18 August 2020

Key to living the #LawofAttraction (Power of Mental Pictures) I Dr Karishma Ahuja

The subconscious mind accepts the images you create in your mind as reality, and if these images continue to remain in your mind, you will gradually begin to believe deeply whatever you are imagining. The Law of Attraction will soon begin to bring you what you are imagining and holding in your mind. The reason why we often do not get what we want is that we are holding wrong pictures. We are unconscious of what the subconscious mind within us is holding on to. As a result we are not aware of our vibration. This video will show you exactly how the mental Pictures are formed and how they can be changed so that you start manifesting what you want and stop creating what you do not wish to experience.

 #lawofattraction #mentalpictures #imagination #manifestation #releaseresistances

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