Tuesday 7 August 2018

#Positivity - A new way to a #Healthy and #Happy life

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A woman of power and passion, Dr. Karishma Ahuja is a renowned Law of Attraction trainer, hypnotherapist & Metaphysical Counsellor in India with profound expertise in Ho’oponopono. She shares her thoughts on how important positive thinking is.

Although we cannot go backwards to time and undo all the negative thinking that we entertained in our minds and lives, there is however no reason to do that even if we could. Know this, that All the power lies in this very moment. All Power lies in what you are thinking and feeling right now.

The Law of Attraction is always responding to your Current Point of Attraction. What do we really mean by Point of Attraction and why is it important for us to be conscious of it in our lives? Your Point of Attraction is nothing but your dominant Vibration, which is made up of your thoughts and feelings at a given moment. It is through your Vibration that you Attract circumstances, people, and events into your life. What does your Vibration include? Well everything, from what you think and feel about yourself, your abilities, your successes, your challenges, the people around you to what you think of your environment and even the World in general.

So right now, what are you thinking? Are you coming from Joy and hope for a better tomorrow or Are you coming from Fear and anticipating a failure? That is the most important question you need to ask yourself!
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