Sunday 24 July 2016

Waste not a moment, Start #Creating Now

Although we cannot go backwards to time and undo all the negative thinking that we entertained in our minds and lives, there is however no reason to do that even if we could.  All the power lies in this very moment

Your Current Point of Atttraction is based on your thoughts and feelings in a given moment.  As your feelings change so does your Point of Attraction. So right now what are you thinking? Are you coming from Joy and hope for a better tomorrow or Are you coming from Fear and anticipating a failure?That is the most important question!

The effects of the Past will be nullified with the Power of the Present because your response to what is happening in this moment always comes from your present vibration (Your current Attraction Point).

So let us waste not a single moment and start focusing on making this very moment in our life as Powerfully Positive (Joyous) as we can

Begin right now to change your Story by changing how you feel because that will change your Point of Attraction and therefore your point of Reality

Wishing you the very best!