Thursday 28 July 2016

#Cleaning Helps Resolve #Problems

Every person, event and experience we have encountered in our life is because we have drawn them into our lives either consciously or subconsciously. Since they are a part of our reality we must take full responsibility for them. This is the essence that the Hawaiin Problem Solving Technique is based on

100 percent responsibility in Ho’oponopono includes the actions of others. They may be completely unrelated to us, but if they come into our life and in any way cause a mental and emotional response within us they are part of our reality too. Hence our responsibility does not stop with us but it extends to their actions too. Once we accept we are 100 per cent responsible for everything, including the actions of others present around us and instead of blame we choose to Clean up within us that which may be triggering these outer reactions and experiences for us, We truly begin to experience a Shift, A Positive Change we were looking for in our lives.

Cleaning Helps resolve Problems