Monday 11 July 2016

Our Participants ahare their feedback after the Conscious #Parenting Class

                                              My experience with Conscious Parenting Class

Excellent, well presented concepts of metaphysics and their application in Parenting. Session was highly interactive and hence very good learnings
Rahul Pashan
Senior Consultant
Construction ERP, Mumbai

It was a great experience to know how we have to work on our own weaknesses to bring out a positive change in our Child
Kanika Pashan
Homemaker, Mumbai

My Takeaway from the Workshop, Raise Yourself to Raise your Child.  The session was excellent and very thought provoking
Narayan Srinivasan
Consultant, Brain Connect 55

I got a new learning about Responsibility unlike earlier , that I am Responsible about anything and everything in my life, that only I am in charge. There are no negative people but negativity within in form of my thoughts and beliefs, It's never about the other person, Its all about ME ME ME
Thank you
Bhavna Kothari
Facebook Manager/ Access Consciousness Practitioner