Saturday 31 October 2020

Law of Attraction: 7 Powerful Morning mantras ( 7 shaktishaalee reminder...

Law of Attraction: 7 Powerful Morning mantras ( 7 shaktishaalee reminders) I Dr Karishma Ahuja 

 How you start your day usually sets the stage for the rest of the day. Morning-positive reminders are inspiring and powerful tools to start your day off wonderfully. These powerful reminders will enable you to spend your day happily. They will surround you with good things and will give you positive energy to spend your day lovingly and fruitfully thereby achieiving the success you desire 

 Aap apana din kaise shuroo karate hain aamataur par shesh din ke lie manch nirdhaarit karata hai. subah ke pojitiv rimaindar aapake din kee shaanadaar shuruaat karane ke lie prerak aur shaktishaalee upakaran hain. ye shaktishaalee anusmaarak aapako apana din khushee se bitaane mein saksham karenge. ve aapako achchhee cheejon se gherenge aur aapako apana din pyaar aur phalapoorvak bitaane ke lie sakaaraatmak oorja denge.

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