Saturday 8 July 2017

Law of Attraction Workshop: Ask, Let go, Receive: #KarishmaAhuja #Lawofattarctionworkshop #loacoaching

23rd July, Mumbai: LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKSHOP - Science & Art of Manifestiing your Dreams
Venue: Hotel Suba Galaxy.

This Workshop is a combination of scientific and metaphysical elements to connect you with what you truly and consciously want to CREATE in your life!

In this Workshop you will learn:-

• To Implement the Law of Attraction and Vibration in your life
• To Understand how to recognize your energy and raise your Vibration
• To Use your mind to improve your manifestations
• To Understand how the science of Manifestation works and what could be creating blockages to your Creation.
• To become self empowered and shift your perspective to create positive changes.
• About emotions, the Power of beliefs and exactly how they affect your life and Relationships
• Setting right (High energy) Goals and using power of Intention to Achieve them
Technique to work on clearing counter intentions and limiting programs in the subconscious mind
• Powerful problem solving technique to deal with major problems/crisis
• Law of Attraction tool to raise your wealth consciousness to boost your Career and attract Prosperity.
• Law of Attraction tools for personal and professional relationships
• Easy & effective ways to Visualize
• Law of Attraction tool for your Family
•Law of Attraction tool for Health & Vitality

For Registrations SMS / Whatsapp: 7718933244 / 9867313700

To your Success

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