Wednesday 5 July 2017

I wish I had met Karishma maam earlier in my life - Mahesh Sherkar #Testimonials #Karishmaahujaworkshops

After I attended Karishma maam's Ho'oponopono workshop, I felt so happy and free. I realized I am the one responsible, the other person is not responsible for what i am going through. 

I learnt whatever others are doing is actually coming from a pattern inside me. Maam taught us how to work on ourselves, how i can forgive myself, because only then i can forgive others. There was always a guilt that i should have done this or i should have done that. However today i know i can let go of all the grudges. Today what i have, the way i feel, the relief i experience i wish i would have experienced this years back but then i had not met Karishma maam.

I wish I had met maam earlier in my life, i wonder why i met her so late in life. wish it would have happened much earlier. I am eager to attend maam's Law of Attraction course on 23rd July, i wish it was sooner, that's how much i want to attend it.

I am Willing to continue to work on myself so that everything around me changes too.

A better happier life awaits me now..
Thank you
Mahesh Sherkar
Jr Auditor, MCGM

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