Friday 7 April 2017

#Hooponopono is just creating #miracles every day, It is magical- Sharene D'Costa

Read what our previous Ho'oponopono class participants have to say about the Workshop experience:

"Ho'oponopono is just creating miracles everyday..... I cant tell you how much aweee i am in!!!
It magical! Its amazing! Its so easy!...

My life is turning around significantly in every aspect - in every area.
Even those areas i have not specifically cleaned or even been aware of

Love you and Thank you Karishma 😘"
Sharene D'Costa

Upcoming event:
Ho'oponopono Zero State: SUN, 9th April 2017,
Hotel Suba Galaxy, 9 am to 6 pm

Office Contact for Registrations: 7718933244 / 9867313700

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