Sunday 23 April 2017

Find Your Flow (#LawofAttractionWorkshop): Align with the Powerful #Energy Within

Find your Flow is a unique program that combines the Concepts and Principles of the Law of Attraction with the newest discoveries in modern science based on ground breaking research showing that we have the power to influence nearly 95% of our genetic code through our Feelings and the choices we make each day.

This workshop will show you how to create a lifestyle that cultivates physical and emotional wellbeing by activating your internal pharmacy and turning on the good genes in your body that promote vibrant mental and physical health thereby creating more Joy and Abundance in your life

You will learn some practical techniques to:

Understand your own energy and Vibrational Frequency
Raise your Vibration
Set strong...
intentions and learn how to fulfill your desires by aligning them with the flow of the universe
Relieve your stress
Boost your energy to attract abundance
Learn to communicate with your own body Cells and DNA
Identify & Clear limiting mental patterns to improve your Health
Raise your intuitiveness
Balance your Chakras to clear Blockages
Water as a healing tool
Bring harmony in your family and rRelationships with application of powerful Law of Attraction Tools
Enhance your clarity
Tap into the powerful Energy within to uplift yourself and everyone around you

For Registrations Contact +917718933244/ Whatsapp: 9867313700/

To your Dreams
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