Sunday 6 September 2015

Find Your Purpose Workshop

When you Discover your True Self, you start a new journey... from a Life of Matter to...A Life that Matters

"I know I'm here for a reason -- but what?" 
Good question: What's your purpose in life?... If you haven't discovered the answer yet, you're about to. And if you're not certain you even have a purpose, get ready for a wonderful surprise at the 'Finding Your Purpose' Workshop'

Everyone really has a purpose in life says the Dalai Lama, The question is: How do you learn to identify it, go with the flow and let your true nature guide you to do what you enjoy and love and in the process find it truly rewarding for yourself and others?

Packed with illuminating anecdotes and profiles of fascinating people -- who describe how they found their own purpose, this workshop includes practical exercises throughout and other unique tools & exercises that help you understand yourself and your deepest aspirations and desires.

As you learn to recognize your purpose and trust the voice of intuition, you'll find new doors opening and new possibilities everywhere. You'll feel invigorated by the potential you've unleashed, a power that will only grow with each new accomplishment. And you'll discover the serenity and satisfaction that comes only to those who are living life to the fullest.The Force is with you -- all you have to do is reach out, recognize and start to use it!

There's much more meaning in life once you know your purpose. Ofcourse life still has its ups and downs, But what gives life true meaning is your Purpose – Knowing that you are alive for a Reason, and that very Reason gives meaning to your existence...that truly finding that 'Reason' and 'Living it' is what Life is all about!

Timings: 10 am to 5.00 pm