Tuesday 22 September 2015

Your Genes are not your Destiny

Find your Flow in Life - is a Unique program that combines the application of advance Law of Attraction techniques with the newest discoveries in Modern science, including groundbreaking research showing that our genes are not our destiny. As exciting new scientific studies suggest, we have the power to influence 95% of our genetic code through the choices we make each day. This workshop will show you how to create a lifestyle that cultivates physical and emotional well being, so that you can “turn off” the genes that promote disease & scarcity and “turn on” the good genes that lead to vibrant mental and physical health thereby opening doors for abundance, and well being in your life

You will learn some practical tools & techniques to:-
Understand your own energy system
Relieve your stress
Boost your energy to attract abundance
Heal and prevent illness
Enhance your clarity & purpose in life