Monday 3 April 2023

What Makes A Great Life Coach

A life coach masters the art of understanding an individual’s needs and issues and works towards resolving their problems to help them live their best life. The Life Coaching Certification Indiawhich is offered by Dr. Karishma Ahuja Institute helps yougaining deep insights into role of a life coach. This certification is a key step in gaining knowledge and confidence to start your journey as a life coach. 

Life Coaching Certification India

Let’s look at some more details. 

Key Role Of A Life Coach

A life coach engages in assisting clients with their core issues, helping them cope with problems, gain better understanding of their deeper needs, help them set and achieve their goals by a step by step approach. A life coach can specialize in various fields like, relationships, health, business and so on.

Here Are Some Key Responsibilities That Make A Life Coach Truly Successful

  • Working closely with clients with a results driven approach.
  • Strategizing to get clients work on overcoming mental blockages and beliefs.
  • Setting long-term as well as short-term goals for clients while helping them prioritize their needs.
  • Helping clientsunderstand and improve their thoughts, emotions, reactions, and actions. 
  • Building confidence, discipline and accountability in clients.
  • Earning the trust of clients and making best use of their energy,faith and determination to achieve goals.
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