Friday 24 July 2020

#Hooponopono for #relationships: #drkarishmahuja

Ho'oponopono for Relationships by Dr Karishma Ahuja: Ho'oponopono is an ancient hawaiin problem solving technique that shows us to how to let go of the past so we can enjoy love and peace in the present moment. This video will show you how to practice Ho'oponopono to heal your relationships with a powerful cleaning tool to conect with and heal your iner child. Everything you want will come to you only if you first connect with your own deeper mind (your subconscious mind). Join us in spreading smiles. Like and share this video:) Home Study courses now available on: 1. Law of Attraction 2. Law of Atraction Train the Trainer 3. Money Consciousness Tools 4. Forgiveness 5. Metaphysics for Health Go here to check them out: To book your copy, Contact Dr Karishma Ahuja Institute on: +917718933244

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