Sunday 28 June 2020

#Quantumphysics and #lawofattraction: Everything is energy

Everything is made of energy.

People like you and me
The air we breathe
The earth we walk on
The food we eat
The Objects we touch and engage with

Now, what helps make us each different and unique, is our own energy field. Each of us has our “presence.”
That sense of you, that people get from just being around you.

The question to ask yourself is this…

What is the impact that your presence has on others when you walk into a room? Does it light the room up and fill it with a sense of joy, cheerfulness, love and positivity? Or does it bring the energy and mood of the room down, with a feeling of negativity, sadness, anger or bitterness?
\~ Dr Karishma Ahuja Institute

#drkarishmaahuja #energy #quantumphysics #energyiseverything

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