Monday 22 July 2019

Find your Flow to Perfect Health - Sat, 10th Aug 2019: A Workshop on Health & #Healing by #DrKarishmaAhuja

Find your Flow to Perfect Health - Sat, 10th Aug 2019
A Workshop on Health & #Healing by Dr KarishmaAhuja

The newest discoveries in modern science reveal that we have the power to influence nearly 95% of our genetic code through our Feelings and the choices we make each day. Find your Flow Workshop is a unique program that combines the application of #Metaphysical Sciences along with these very latest scientific studies to help us create a #lifestyle that promotes physical and emotional well-being by activating our internal pharmacy.

It will give us a set of powerful tools, techniques and meditations to implement strong & healing health rituals in our daily life.

Each tool focuses on promoting vibrant mental and physical health thereby bringing more #Joy and Well-being in our life

Venue: Hotel Suba Galaxy, Mumbai

To Register WhatsApp 7718933244

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