Wednesday 20 February 2019

Art and Science of Joyful Creation: #LawofAttractionWorkshop:

You are Creating this very moment, through the very thought that you are now thinking and the very emotion you are now experiencing. Imagine the difference if we could consciously feel, think and vibrate in a way that Supports our dreams, Strengthens our Intent and Fulfills our desires. We would become Magnets Attracting what we Want in a way that is desired by us with ease and Joy...

We will discover who we are and come into Alignment with our true inner being, our Universal-God Power- wherein lies hidden the true magic and miracle of Transformation

Join us on 9th and 10th March in Mumbai to master the Universal laws of Attraction and Vibration using advance metaphysical tools with Dr Karishma Ahuja

To Register, WhatsApp: 7718933244

To your Dreams
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