Sunday 18 November 2018

#LawofAttractionWorkshop - The Art and Science of Joyful #Manifestation

Welcome to the Law of Attraction and Vibration Workshop - the Art of Joyful Manifestation with Dr. Karishma Ahuja

Law of Attraction is a Universal Energy bringing you more of whatever it is that you are thinking, feeling and doing, both consciously and subconsciously. This workshop will teach us how to use this law consciously with the help of powerful mind power and metaphysical tools to overcome blockages lying deep within our subconscious mind. These tools are not only powerful and life transforming but they are also fun to apply. Each tool will help you clear your energy, lift your vibrational frequency, raise your self belief, and help you get more clarity on the steps you need to take for living the life you desire and deserve!

In this Workshop you will learn:-

• Powerful tools to implement the Law of Attraction and Vibration in your life
• Why the Law of Attraction may not be working for you inspite of conscious efforts and how we can fill the missing gaps
• Add more energy to your Goals in the powerful Goal Setting exercises to raise your Vibration & speed up your manifestations
• Power of Intention - How to use it daily
• Powerful Visualization techniques to connect with your deepest desires
• Energy Psychology: Recognize & raise your Vibration before starting a conversation or undertaking any critical task
• Deeper understanding of how our mind works & how we can control our thoughts and ease our physical stress and mental tension
• Break your Worry habit with a powerful Mind power Tool
• 11 powerful Money exercises for increasing Cash Flow, achieving Financial Freedom and Attracting Abundance
• Law of Attraction for Attracting your Soulmate
• Law of Attraction for your Family and Home
• Law of Attraction tools for dealing with negative people and events
• 3 powerful Forgiveness techniques to clear energy blockages
• Special exercise to develop your intuition .
• Learn about the most powerful words you can say to your inner child (Subconscious mind) daily
• Problem solving technique to deal with a major problem/ crisis
• Ho'oponopono :Hawain Practice of Problem Solving to work on past beliefs
• Law of Attraction for Health - 2 powerful meditations for Health
• Law of Attraction to deal with and get rid of Addictions
• Law of Attraction Tools to strengthen your personal and professional relationships
• Quantum Physics: Scientific evidence & explanation of how the law of attraction works, how the Universe is linked to our thoughts & how we can create our own Reality through our Observations, Beliefs and Assumptions

* This workshop is for anyone who wishes to understand and apply Powerful universal laws in their life and take their life to the desired next level of Fulfillment & Success

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