Wednesday 1 November 2017

Law of Attraction Workshop - This Training on your #Mind, Energy, Vibration and #Attraction will give you everything you are looking for!

The Science & Art of Manifestiing your Dreams

This Workshop is a combination of scientific,metaphysical & Spiritual elements to connect you with what you consciously want to CREATE in your life!Law of Attraction is a Universal energy bringing you more of whatever it is you are Thinking and Feeling

In simple words, whatever you Think and Feel becomes a Reality. We don't just Participate in what we experience but rather we are fully Responsible for what shows up in our life and we do so with the Thoughts we Think and the Vibrations we emit.

Therefore, when we start becoming Conscious of What we put out into the World and start learning the art of raising our Vibration we will be able to manifest our dreams and Attract what we want!

In this Workshop you will learn:-
• To Implement the law of Attraction and Vibration in your life
• To Understand how to recognise your energy and raise your Vibration
• To Use your mind to improve your manifestations
• Powerful & most effective ways to Set GOALS
Ways to Power of Intention - How to use it for 7 minutes every day
• To Understand what’s really happening in your life and why it’s happening.
• Break your Worry habit with a powerful Mind power Tool
• To become self empowered and shift your perspective to create positive changes.
• About emotions, the Power of beliefs and exactly how they affect your Relationships
• Techniques to clear programs/memories in the subconscious mind
• Powerful problem solving techniques to deal with major problems/crisis
• To raise your wealth consciousness to boost your Career and Attract Prosperity.
• Law of Attraction tools for your Family and Home
• Law of Attraction for Attracting your Soulmate.
• Easy & effective ways to Visualize
• Law of Attraction tools Tools for your Weight and Health

* This workshop is for anyone who wishes to understand and apply Powerful universal laws in their life and take their life to the desired level of Fulfilment

Venue: Hotel Suba Galaxy, N.S. Phadke Road, Near Hub town, Off Western Express Highway, Andheri East, Mumbai, 400069
Arrival time requested: 830 am

Early bird Offer : (If you Register by 5th November 2017)

For Registrations, Contact Seema on Phone/ WhatsApp: +917718933244

Please note, seats once booked cannot be cancelled or refunded

Thank you

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