Saturday 7 October 2017

When the going gets tough: #Blogpost by #KarishmaAhuja

When the going gets tough by Karishma Ahuja
If you can Smile when you are in Pain, if you can stay Calm in the midst of life's Storms, If you can find one reason to be Grateful among hundreds that seem to go wrong, if you can trust the Process of life, knowing that your good must come some how, then, You begin to get into the FLOW in your life. and everything will fall in place, things will happen on their own, that too with ease

Remember this, Each time you don't give up, You are a step closer to Creating your Intentions

Be willing to Accept, Be open to Believe, Be willing to Trust, then you will be ready to Receive:)

Wishing you Miracles
Lots of Love

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