Thursday 17 August 2017

I Believe Karishma you have truly transformed my life - Pawan Prakash Badlani: #LawofAttractionworkshop #Testimonials

"Hello everybody! I would love to share my experience with law of attraction so far. I believe Karishma you've truly transformed my life in a big big way. I read my visions everyday and practice visualization and do mirror work. Your techniques have helped me attract 2 workshops for motivation in Mumbai and Chennai. My vision is to travel to London Paris and New York,because of some schedule changes,New York trip didn't happen but I got an opportunity to take a Europe trip which I'll be traveling to soon this year. I've also attracted money in my life with the abundance cheque.

Everyone loves my work now and praises me for my motivation work. Every time I use visualization I come closer towards my goal. Thank you so much Karishma for helping me change my life with Law Of Attraction!"

- Pawan Prakash Badlani
Handwriting & Signature Analyst and Motivational Coach

Upcoming events at MasterMind:
Law of Attraction Workshop
9th -10th Sept 2017, 9 am to 6 pm, Hotel Suba Galaxy
For Registrations: SMS/ WhatsApp: 7718933244

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