Saturday 19 November 2016

You give up Creating every time you react negatively: #LawofAttraction by #KarishmaAhuja

It's true different emotions have different vibrational frequencies but it is more important to understand that our emotions indicate our degree of closeness with our ability to CREATE.

The better you feel the more you are Allowing things you WANT to manifest! So before reacting and responding one must remind ourselves the price we will have to pay each time we choose to react negatively and spend time thinking about unpleasant things and conversations.

When I feel free
When I feel powerful
When I feel loved
When I feel valued
When I feel cared for

When I feel hope
When I feel Good
When I feel All is Well
- then in the true sense I am Creating and I begin to see the evidence of my creating in my life through a change in my circumstances. Other times one is left only Competing that is one has to try too hard to get things done and often things are left undone...

What matters is your understanding towards the importance of your commitment to change how you feel inorder to Attract what you want

For, You give up Creating every time you react negatively

To your Happiness

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