Monday 1 August 2016

Conscious #Parenting Workshop

'Every interaction with your child is a reflection of your interaction with your own SELF'.

Key Question to ponder about is are we parenting out of Fear and lack or are parenting to Empower, to grow and add value to our children

This Workshop is for You if you are a parent to a child of any age, to be one soon, a Grandparent, teacher, educator, trainer or anyone who wishes to understand the art and science behind the Conscious way of dealing with and manging Kids

The Workshop will cover the following:-

A. What exactly do we mean by Conscious parenting?
B. Identifying Your State of mind and your child's conditioning......
C. What they hear when you are not talking
D. Key tasks as a new parent
E. Handling Kids in a conscious way
F. Connecting with children like never before
G. Learning to deal with your stress
H. Strategies to set your precious ones on the right path
I. Simple yet effective tools to truly add value to your child's success and overall development

This workshop will help you to discover meta tools to transform yourself and empower your children by raising them with Consciousness thereby enabling them to Rise and Shine

Sun,7th August, 10 am to 1 pm
Santacruz west, mumbai

Registrations on 7718933244 / WhatsApp no: 9867313700

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