Friday, 19 May 2017

Karishma Ahuja APP is now Live - On Google Store

Dear Friends, We are happy to share...Android Users can now download our App, "Karishma Ahuja" from Google Store

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Chalk out a clear roadmap to go after what you want, achieve results at home and career, have good health and vitality, live with Yourself and Others with ease & joy- Download this one-of-a-kind app now and Join Karishma Ahuja for a life-changing journey, to start living the life of your dreams... today!

Founder MasterMind Training India, Trainer, Author, Coach & Speaker, Karishma Ahuja is very Passionate about teaching People about Universal Laws of Attraction & Vibration and Ho’oponopono - a Hawaiin art and Practice to Let go of the past and resolve problems using one's mind and energy instead of placing blame on other people and circumstances.

Karishma's Tips and Tools will help you expand your awareness, forgive the seemingly Unforgivable and return to live with love & Peace

Through this App, You can Keep yourself up to date with Karishma's Schedule and upcoming Talks, Seminars and Workshops by MasterMind Training in your City

Here you will also have access to special offers for Products available exclusively through the APP

Other Features :

- Daily Tips and Tools for Personal and Professional Transformation: These includes Quotes on Success, Abundance, Ho'oponopono and the Law of Attraction that will truly motivate you to take action and achieve your dreams.

- Videos - Anything in your life you wish to specifically Change or improve on? Look up for a topic of your choice in our videos section and hear Karishma share some powerful tips to take charge of your life

- Special offer: The Healing Power of Words by Karishma Ahuja - A Powerful Guidebook to transform your life through your Words

- Special offer: The Law of Attraction Manual - Exercises to implement the Powerful Law of Attraction and Vibration in your life by raising your energy, clearing mind clutter and creating a step by step plan to Achieve your dreams

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