Monday 23 May 2016

A Big big Thank you for the #LOA 1 day Seminar: #Testimonial





Dear Karishma,

A  “BIG BIG THANK YOU” for the LOA  1 day seminar.
You were simply just  AMAZING.
I mean you started at 9 am and went up till 7 pm and yet were full of energy and enthusiasm.
You covered a lot in one day. A mean a lot. You packed 2 days content in a day and I appreciate that.
And although I had read THE SECRET and many books on Quantum – you explained each of the topic so well and answered all our questions so well and so patiently.
Somehow the room was so full of energy ( I know it is because of you) that at the end of the day I too was charged and full of energy.
You know so much on this new age subject . I will definitely attend all your seminars and benefit from your knowledge.
Once again a MILLION THANKS for sharing your knowledge and experiences.
God bless You and your wonderful team.
Best Regards,
Mehboob Peerbhai