Thursday, 18 February 2016

Change your Stories, Change your Lives - Catch us live on Sat, 27th Feb 2016

We all as individuals are made up of our own perceptions and value systems. Every single value we hold dear comes wrapped in a story from our Past and a story that we, someday, plan to turn to reality. These, we call our dreams and visions. 

How we move about, Strategise and execute our plans based on these stories creates and recreates our future, our lives. Thus, if we want to create a bright, shining and successful future that uplifts and fulfills us then we need to change the stories we tell ourselves and the stories that we tell the world about our experiences and our dreams. 

Join us to learn the Secrets to letting go of your stories that keep you from living your highest potential, a new fulfilled life awaits you!

You will Change your Stories and your Life will change forever